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כיצד BORN השפיע על הלקוחות שלנו? לחצי כאן How did BORN change our customers life? Press here

Hair plant blend infusion
by Born Innovative Beauty

The Born series of hair products is based on a proprietary plant blend, which includes ingredients known for their ability to nurture, strengthen and revive hair and scalp.

The Born Innovative Beauty brand brings innovation to the world of Clean Cosmetics. Our flagship product is a plant blend infusion for hair care, the first of its kind. Our formula has undergone rigorous testing and has gained FDA and Israel Ministry of Health approval and patents in Israel and Germany.

The Born Starter Kit includes 12 plant blend sacs, the Born Mixer, a Born towel and detailed instruction in Hebrew and English.

Born Mixer
Born Plant Blend sacs
Born Hair Towel

How does it work?

The Born Kit is for person home use. The blend is infused in water to maximize the effect of active ingredients. For best results apply the blend on shampooed hair, every time you shampoo.

Born is available in two package options: starter kit and refills.

Use Born as part of your hair care routine, after every shampooing. For best results follow this regimen at least 3 times a week.

  • Advantages

    Born nurtures the scalp and gives the hair a strong and healthy look. After approximately 12 applications, you’ll see an amazing difference.

  • What change should I expect?

    Regardless your hair type and if its colored or not, the difference is almost immediate. After approximately 12 applications* your hair will look and feel shinier, healthier and with more volume (*in rare cases in may take longer)

  • What do I need to do to get best results?

    Results are achieved when using Born at least three times a week, after shampooing hair. It’s ok to apply the product more frequently, but a minimum of 3 times is required.

  • Who should use Born?

    Born is designed for hair that is fine, dull, weak or oily and for hair loss due to poor hair quality, post labor, menopause, and other conditions. The product is suitable for women of any age, including young teenagers.

Before & After photos

Born Starter Kit

Includes: Born Mixer, 12 plant blend sacs, towel, instructions

Our customers says

“Born is my secret to perfect hair.”

“After using it once I felt the difference. My hair dried perfectly and felt light and airy, even after working out.”

“My hair feels fantastic and I finally feel I know what I’m using on it.”

“I stopped using hair extensions. My hair looks great all the time.”

“This is my solution for fine and oily hair! My hair got fuller, is no longer oily and I don’t feel the urge to wash it all the time.”

“My daughter surprised me with the product. I have a problem with my thyroid gland and my hair is one of my main concerns. I used Born twice and realized a huge difference. Will definitely continue using.”

“It really works! At first, I thought it was a cool product but after using 6 times a can say that there is a huge difference. Born is definitely part of my new haircare routine.”

“Excellent customer service. I ordered a kit and then realized that I also wanted a refill kit. Customer support was kind to send it to me free of charge to my home so I won’t have to pay shipping again.”

“those who have experienced hair loss, dull and lifeless hair, has to try this! I’ve experienced significant change in just a short while. My hair is stronger, thicker, shinier and fuller, and it is so easy to use.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve experienced such a high-quality product. And the design is so clean and beautiful. Incredible.”

“I tried Born at the recommendation of my daughter. At first, I was worried it was complicated to use, but after trying it once I was glad to discover that it was simple and natural. Magical.”

“When I part my hair, it is thicker and fuller. What a joy!”

“Tried every remedy and treatment, nothing worked until now. I made sure to stock up just to be on the safe side”.

“After using it only four times, my hair looks perfect and feels so soft and delightful. Can’t wait to continue using, tried so many products before, and never seen such a difference.”

“Using the product for two weeks has made a significant difference. I have thin hair which now feels and looks fuller. People are noticing the difference, and asking me what I’ve done to my hair. I’m a fan.”

“I’ve been suffering from oily hair and usually have to wash it every day. Ever since I’ve been using the product my hair is fuller and does not require a daily shampoo. Will definitely continue using it. Thank you!”

“I got the product in the mail just a week ago, and used it four times now. The result is incredible. Hair feels amazing already and I can hardly wait to see the final result. It’s important for me to share that I’ve tried many new products lately in an attempt to revive my hair, and nothing has worked until now. Thanks so much!”

“I was skeptical about a plant blend giving such fabulous results. I’ve been suffering from hair-loss for years, and I’m simply speechless when I see what it did.”

“After years of going to dermatologists and using a wide range of chemicals, I think I’ve found the perfect solution. What a difference, my hair is healthy and full and my roots are strong.”

“This product has changed my life. It helped my hair grow fast and look healthy.”

“I want to thank you for this wonderful product. I tried every natural mask and ampule. Nothing worked. What Born did to my hair was so noticeable that people keep asking me what I’ve done. I’m so pleased. Wow!”

Frequently Asked Questions

The Starter Kit is for initial use, after that all you’ll need are more plant blend sacs, which are available in the Refill Kit.

The blend is used as a “sealer” and should be applied after rinsing out any other product. After hair is shampooed and rinsed, squeeze out all access water then pour the infusion on your scalp, all the way down, roots and hair.

No, the product should remain on your hair until the next time you wash it.

The formula is plant based, and does not include anything that has oil or alcohol in it. All you’ll feel is fresh and healthier in scalp and hair.

We do not use any odor agents in our product. The formula smells like the plants it is comprised of.

Of course, continue your regular haircare routine including drying, coloring etc.

Yes, any product can be used in parallel to Born.

The mixer is made of BPA-free Tritan plastic and is safe to use with boiling water. This is the same material baby-bottles is made of.

Shipping in Israel is available in three methods:

Home delivery: 5 business days, NIS 34

Delivery point: 14 business days, NIS 21

Pick up from Tel Aviv: free, and by appointment only. Please call us at 050-2052930

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