Research has proven that Born’s plant blend infusion strengthens the hair and makes it thicker and shinier.

‘BORN’ לשיער מוגן בפטנט ישראלי ובפטנט גרמני ועתיד לקבל פטנט במדינות נוספות בעולם.

kStar Development has conducted profound research and testing on the Born blend including lab testing, testing personal use and testing using technology.

46 randomly selected women tested our product. Each received:

1. Plant Blend sacs for personal use
2. Instruction on how to use
3. A detailed questionnaire

Based on the testimonials received through the questionnaires, we have concluded that  a significant change in hair was observed. Treated hair was stronger, fuller and healthier looking.

As of October 2020, Born is patented in Israel and Germany. We are in the process of receiving patents in addition countries soon.

How does patent registration work?
First, we need to prove the formula is proprietary, then the application is reviewed by a group of scientists.

To prove we have developed a propriety innovation, we conducted profound testing on two of our research subjects.

 Testing included examination of 7 regions of hair prior to using the product, and then again after using it.

Subject A: 24 years old.

Hair samples were taken from each 7 regions. Lets focus on one, the Floral Hairline, for example (as in the drawing):

נבדקו 3 שיערות לפני השימוש ו 3- שיערות אחרי השימוש.

A microscopic analysis performed on 3 untreated hairs (exhibit A) and 3 treated hairs (exhibit B) shows that treated hair is thicker.

Additional analysis proved that they are also stronger and shinier.

The change can be clearly seen!

Hairs 1,2,3 taken from the specific area before use, are very thin compared to hairs 4,5,6 taken from the same area after use. The hairs after using the infusion are thicker, and on thorough examination using appropriate technological equipment, we discovered that they are also much stronger and shiny!

In the following images, we indicate the thickness of each hair taken from the Floral Hairline:

Floral Hairline Hair

Testimonials from our research subjects, supported these scientific finding, and even added benefits which were not clinically tested.

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